How Do I Know If My Paws are the Right Size?

Sizing gets us a lot of questions and confusion from people who just bought their first pair of Paws!

Many people have purchased the correct size of Paw but feel they are too small. Here’s what you need to know to be sure you have the right size.

Paws are made from high quality American leather. Like any leather product, the material is very stiff when it is new and requires break-in. When it’s new, the Paw will not be conforming to your hand and wrist area at all. This often causes the attachment straps to appear too short to properly engage enough of the mating Velcro surface on the back of the Paw.

Another factor which can make new Paws seem to small when new is lack of understanding on how tight it needs to be to provide proper support. The answer is very! A loose fitting Paw simply will not support your wrist.

So here’s how to tell when you get your new Paws. First, make sure you’re not putting them on backwards – this happens a lot! :-) Put your thumb through the hole making sure the insert pocket and Velcro is on the back of your hand. Wrap all three straps around and secure them to the mating Velcro surface on the back of your hand as tight as you can. Take your other hand and squeeze the Paw in several places to help it conform to your wrist. Then go back over the straps and retighten them.

At this point, if the Velcro is engaging at least 1/3 of the width of the back side of the Paw, you have a good fit. After several hours of use, the leather will soften up and stretch somewhat. As it does you’ll notice the straps gradually extend further across the back of the Paw.

Remember too – the Paw’s stiffness can be adjusted by adding or removing inserts from the pocket on the back side of the Paw. If the Paw seems too stiff, especially for children and smaller people, remove all of the inserts until the Paw is broken in then add them back as needed to get full support. You can use as many or as few inserts as you want, tuning the Paw for the right amount of support for your needs.

Is your Paw too big? This is more of a personal preference issue. While having a Paw that’s way too large would make it difficult to support your wrist properly, there’s a lot of room for oversizing. While we can’t mention any names, this point was illustrated during the last Olympics. One of the U.S medal wining gymnasts was seen wearing our Paws during many of her events. When I looked at the straps, they were extended way beyond the edge of the backside of the Paw. Normally I’d say the Paws were way too big for her, but who am I to tell an Olympic medalist she’s wearing the wrong size Paw?

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